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Dentist Antonio Cappello

Dentist Antonio Cappello

Dental office in Belgrade

Are you looking for a Dentist in Italy? Are you looking for a reliable dentist in Italy to take care of your dental health? Are you considering dental implants or dentures? You are in the right place, at the right time. Dr. Antonio Cappello is an expert with 15 years of experience in dentistry and implantology. Our clinic offers:

  • Dental services of the highest quality
  • The best experts in implantology
  • Affordable prices for services
  • Italian Dentist in Belgrade
  • Implantology in the absence of bone
  • Modern and innovative clinic

Have you decided to save money for your dental care with Italian quality and safety? Your journey to a new smile starts here!

Deontonio is Europe's leading clinic for total prosthetic rehabilitation of the dental arches with definitive implant protocols in cases of bone loss and acute periodontitis.

Why choose us?

We know you are looking for a dentist in Italy, but why not save money by coming to our dental office?

Safe dental tourism with Italian quality and safety. Getting back to talking, eating and smiling is easier than you think.

Fixed teeth even without bone

Accurate dental diagnosis for a plan for treatment and care of specific existing problems or prevention in case of any trends.

We treat the problem

With Dr. Antonio Cappello and his angled implantology, you can place dental implants safely, even in the absence of jawbone.

You are a patient, not a number

We believe in the importance of the doctor-patient relationship and are committed to ensuring that our trusting relationship is lasting.

Save the most with transparency

With Dental Tourism in Dentonio Dental Center you can save money with the lowest prices of any country in Europe. We guarantee you maximum transparency with no surprises on the quote you got and no additional costs in the clinic.

Italian Dentist

You will be entrusted to the expert hands of Dr. Antonio Cappello, Dentonio Clinic manager, who is always up-to-date on new dental technologies and an expert in total prosthetic rehabilitation of the dental arches with or without bone by pterygoid and zygomatic implantology.

High-quality materials

Dr. Antonio Cappello, aware that toxic materials can cause problems to the patient's body, uses only the highest quality materials, guaranteed by EU certification and sourced strictly from world-class manufacturers.

Dentist Antonio Cappello

In the heart of Belgrade, Serbia, excellence in advanced implantology and dental aesthetics.

Dr. Antonio Cappello is a leading figure in the world of Dental Tourism for advanced surgery and implantology, internationally recognized for cases of total prosthetic rehabilitation in cases of bone atrophy and more complex implantology.

Dr. Antonio Cappello, with constant training courses in Italy and all has gained experience in the most innovative techniques in pterygoid and zygomatic implant dentistry that allows, even in the most complex cases, to completely rehabilitate the dental arches and create healthy smiles for their patients, without long waits and in total serenity.

Unlike other all dental clinics working on Dental Tourism we do not work on economy or to offer the lowest price, but offer the best prosthetic result for patients presenting complex cases.

Not surprisingly, thanks to his seriousness and professionalism, there are many Italian patients who travel to Belgrade every year to treat their dental health with Dr. Antonio Cappello at Studio Dentistico DENTONIO.

Safe dental tourism

  • Quality - Our doctors are experienced dentists, registered with the Belgrade Dental Association are carefully selected by Dr. Antonio Cappello.
  • Innovation - Dentonio Dental Center is a modern and welcoming facility where you can enjoy all the treatments and comforts you need to care for your smile.
  • Transparency - Dr. Cappello at the end of a thorough examination offers detailed treatment plans and estimates without surprises and sudden medical additions.
  • Affordability - Finally, you can treat your oral health while saving money with affordable costs that are 60 percent lower than the same procedures in Italy.


Need to book a consultation with dentist Antonio Cappello? Contact us now at +381 64 131 48 66.