Najbolji sprej za grlo, Coldisept nanoSILVER, prirodni lek za zapaljeno grlo i krajnike

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Throat spray

Throat spray, for adults, children. Top price. Antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal. Heal inflammation of the throat, mucous membrane of the oral cavity and tonsils. You searched for these keywords on organic search because you need an effective solution to your problem? You are in the right place.

Throat spray, treatment of tonsillitis, treatment of pharyngitis, treatment of sinusitis, treatment of infectious rhinitis, treatment of allergic rhinitis, antiviral throat spray, antibacterial throat spray. You searched for these keywords on organic search because you need an effective solution to your problem? You are in the right place.

Coldisept nanoSILVER throat spray

Modern art in protection against bacteria and viruses. Our throat spray effectively helps in the treatment of:

  • inflammation of the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat
  • tonsillitis and conditions after tonsillectomy
  • sinusitis
  • atrophic, infectious or allergic rhinitis

What are the advantages of Coldisept nanoSILVER throat spray?

Throat spray is an innovative solution based on nano colloidal silver as a support for the mentioned conditions and works by:

  • It limits the growth of bacteria
  • It reduces the symptoms of inflammation such as pain and burning
  • Moisturizes dry mucous membranes
  • It creates a protective layer protecting it from physical, chemical and biological influences
  • It relieves cough and makes breathing easier
  • It can also be used prophylactically
  • It helps in the regeneration of the mucous membrane
  • Protects against harmful external factors
  • and perhaps most importantly without the risk of addiction

How It Works?

Bacteria create bilofilm as a protective mechanism of the immune response of the host, antiseptics and antibiotics. Bacteria within the biofilm are more resistant to antimicrobial agents. Microbial biofilm formation is responsible for many acute-chronic diseases including chronic rhinosinusitis and chronic tonsillitis. The National Institutes of Health found that 65% and 80% of all microbial and chronic infections, respectively, are associated with biofilm formation. Chronic infections associated with biofilm are more difficult to cure, and treatment with antibiotics is often insufficient.

Silver nanoparticles:

  • penetrate the biofilm
  • they migrate internally
  • interact with key biofilm components
  • and ultimately as a result, they provide a strong antibiofilm effect by suppressing microcolony formation and biofilm maturation.

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