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Kinesio Taping

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About The Therapy

The Kinesio Taping Therapy treatment does not cause skin irritation and allows it to "breathe". Congestions in the circulation of body fluids are eliminated, excessive heat of the body and inflammation, excessive sensitivity and pain in the skin and muscles are reduced. The problems with the joints are successfully corrected, the inaccurate positions caused by spasm and muscle contraction are being adjusted, the muscular tonus normalizes and the volume of the movement increases. Certain problems with the feet and spine can be corrected, because when it acts on the muscle it helps to repair many deformities.

Kinesio taping therapy is most commonly applied to those who are not professional athletes, it is extremely effective in children, and especially in injuries that are not the consequences of sports, but occur on a daily basis. Also, this technique proved successful in some pathological conditions, which means that many irregularities, for example, in the development of muscles and bones can be successfully overcome with kinesio taping. It is an authorized and certified technique in physical therapy, and how safe is the fact that it can be used already in a baby with torticollis.

  • Helps with wrist and muscle pain - Problems with joints and muscles are successfully corrected.
  • Use of the therapy - It is most commonly used in non-professional athletes, especially children.
  • Successful technique - Many abnormalities in the development of muscles and bones can be overcome with kinesio taping.