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Kinesio Therapy

Kinesiotherapy | Physical therapy Belgrade
About The Therapy

Kinesiotherapy is a field of physical therapy that deals with the application of the movement for therapeutic purposes.

Kinesiotherapy is the basis of physical therapy without which successful medical rehabilitation cannot be imagined. Controlled movements, precisely dosed, are applied which aim to bring the organism into the optimal and functional state of the organism as a whole.

Kinesiotherapy is covered by active and passive exercises.

  • Exercises in patients with lumbar syndrome
  • Exercises in patients after fractures (fractures, after cast removal, longete)
  • Exercises in patients with ENDOPROTEZ - artificial hip
  • Exercises in patients with osteoporosis
  • Walking with sticks
  • Training of protective positions and movements
  • Breathing exercises
  • Exercises of patients with hemiplegia
  • Exercise Stretching and Muscle Strengthening with Cervical Syndrome
  • Exercises for scoliosis and khifosis
  • Exercises for correction of flat feet (pes planus,fallen arches)
  • Therapy with movement - It deals with the use of movement for therapeutic purposes.
  • Successful therapy - The basis of physical therapy without which you cannot imagine successful medical rehabilitation.
  • Exercises - Kinesio therapy is covered by active and passive exercises.