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Osteopathy | Physical therapy Belgrade
About Osteopathy

Osteopathy has a holistic approach in the treatment and application of special techniques of manual medicine. Osteopathy is a manual diagnostic and therapeutic procedure that aims to bring the body into a state of deep peace so that the body can only cure. It is well-known for treating headache, neck pain, sports injuries, pain in the spine, bumps, palm and shoulder pain. This method is very popular in Europe, and it was created in the mid-19th century in the United States. It aims to restore the lost balance in order to maintain psycho-physical health. Disease in the body usually occurs after blocked energy in a certain part of the body, and osteopathy aims to balance the energy flow. Osteopathy is divided into craniosacral, parietal, visceral.

Craniosacral osteopathy affects the area of the sacrum through the bone of the skull. During the application, the release of the liquor occurs between the bark of the big and the small brain. This technique can be used for vertigo, migraine, insomnia, sinusitis, stiffness of the neck of the spine, gastritis.

Parietal ostopathy for the treatment of joints of muscles of ligaments and bones.

Visceral osteopathy is used to treat internal organs, problems with digestion, overwhelming and help with menstrual pains.

  • Types of diseases that osteopathy helps with - Headaches, neck pain, sports injuries, pain in the spine, bloating, shoulder and shoulder pain.
  • Usage - Application of manual medical techniques.
  • Advantages - Osteopathy balances the flow of energy in the body