Vacuum, Physical therapy Belgrade

Vacuum therapy

Vacuum, Physical therapy Belgrade
About The Therapy

The vacuum treatment apparatus allows the application of electro-therapy to the patient through the vacuum electrode deep inside the tissue. The vacuum electrodes are easily fixed, “stuck”to the patient's skin using a flexible vacuum. A special advantage of this method is the possibility of fixing electrodes in anatomically inaccessible places. Reduction and removal of pain, removal of the swelling and correction of the function of the extremities.

We use a special apparatus for deep-working tissue therapy, Vacotron 460 for the massage of the diseasedregion.

  • Therapy - It allows the application of patient's telecontrotherapy through vacuum electrodes deep inside the tissue.
  • Pain Relife - It relieves and removes pain and improves the function of the extremities.
  • Vacotron 460 - We use Vacotron 460 for massaging the diseased region.