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Physical therapy at home

Physical therapy | Physical therapy at home

Are you stiff, do you have severe pain in the spine, neck, back, legs? You are not able to get to a physical medicine and therapy clinic and you urgently need help?

You are in the right place because Fokus fizikal provides patronage services, home visits in any part of the city for immobile patients who cannot come to us. Most of the physical therapies can be done in the field thanks to new and modern mobile devices of reduced dimensions that can be brought to the patient's home address and performed on the spot until the patient is better able to move independently and come to our clinic where we can provide him with a complete service.

Home physiotherapy, also known as outpatient physiotherapy or field physiotherapy, is the practice of providing therapy directly in the patient's home. This, as we have already emphasized, can be of great benefit to people who have limited mobility or have problems going to a clinic or hospital.

This type of therapy, in addition to electric, vacuum, and similar therapies, can include various techniques, such as muscle strengthening exercises, joint mobilization, massage, and other therapies to improve body functionality and reduce pain. Physiotherapists who work in the field are usually trained to adapt therapy to the specific needs of the patient and the environment in which they find themselves.

Home visits by a physical therapist can be especially helpful for older people who have difficulty getting to a clinic or hospital, as well as for patients recovering from surgery or injury. This type of therapy provides a practical option for those who have difficulty traveling or who prefer the comfort and privacy of their own home.

If you have any additional questions regarding physical therapy at home, ie patronage, please feel free to contact us!