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CPM ROBOT for shoulder joint

Therapy with passive and active motion represents an irreplaceable part of the postoperative orthopedic rehabilitation by a CPM robot.

  • speeds up the process of healing the aricular cartilage, tendons, soft tissues and ligaments
  • presents cartilage decay
  • improves the metabolism
  • reduces pain
  • it reduces hospital stay and duration of the therapy

CPM robot is a device for continuous passive movement of the shoulder joint with the possibility of moving the eludation of adduction, abduction, adduction, internal and external rotation. The passive range of movement means that the joint moves without the use of the patient's muscle. Continuous passive motion devices are used after surgery, both in the hospital and at home. The motorized CPM device gradually moves the affected joint through the prescribed arc for a longer period of time.

The CPM can be used for the left and right hand and enables us to maximize precision in performing certain movements.

The patient does not feel any pain while performing the motion, the therapy is performed by the help of doctors and physiotherapists, in the durance of 45 min.

This type of treatment speeds up the course of treatment of patients after longer immobilization of the shoulder, bone fractures that make the joint of the shoulder, PAHS, frozen shoulder, impingement.

Passive movement is very important in rehabilitation;

  • Maintains the movements in the joint
  • Lubricates the joint by making synovial fluid eradiate
  • Prevents joint contraction, tightness
  • Decreases swelling and hematoma
  • Leads to an increase in the volume of the joint movement
  • Significantly reduces the length of recovery