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Electrotherapy treatment

Electrotherapy with electricity | Treatment of pain in the legs and joints
Muscle, tendon and joint injuries
If you have had a serious tendon or muscle injury, or you have an illness that makes it difficult for you to perform daily activities and restricts normal movement, it is very likely that physical therapy is the only solution that can improve your health. The purpose of physical therapy is to reduce pain and apply various forms of energy. It can be: light, motion, mechanical energy, magnetic, electricity, water energy. Physical therapy is performed by certified physiotherapists trained and qualified to perform this job.

Causes and symptoms
Physical therapy with electricity is often used for the following types of injuries or diseases: stiffness of the spine, degenerative changes of the spine, disc herniation, injuries of bones and joints, sports injuries, injuries of muscles and tendons, inflammatory processes on tendons, etc.

Electrotherapy treatment 
There are different currents for therapeutic purposes, we divide them into:

  • constant direct or galvanic current;
  • DDS - diadynamic currents that belong to low-frequency currents;
  • interference currents (endogenous) - with a frequency of about 4,000 hz;
  • electrical stimulation (classic electrical stimulation, TENS) - is a therapy to strengthen muscles and relieve pain.
How does physical therapy works?
  • Galvanic current - represents a direct current. It works by dilating blood vessels, resulting in vasodilation and accelerated circulation, as well as rapid nutrient exchange and oxygen supply at the cellular level. The pH value of the tissue is normalized. Through the GA current, we can take the medicine into the body through undamaged skin. The drug enters the skin and subcutaneous tissue, where it remains in the form of a depot at the site of application. The drug is administered locally bypassing the stomach. painkillers, inflammation, and nerve regeneration may be given;
  • DDS - also called diadynamic or Bernard currents. Interfering currents are two sinusoidal alternating currents that overlap. Interference occurs in the depth of the tissue at the point of intersection of currents;
  • TENS - is an abbreviation for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. It is an analgesic current that stimulates the body's natural defense against pain. It is completely safe and easy to use without side effects. It can be used several times a day at intervals that suit you. Sometimes it is used for a long time without side effects.
  • How does TENS work? This type of therapy blocks the transmission of pain signals to the brain at the level of the spinal cord and stimulates the secretion of endorphins, a natural analgesic in our body.
  • How long can we use this therapy? TENS current can be used for as long as you want and as long as it suits you.
  • What type of pain is it used for? Neuralgia, leg pain, arm pain, lumboisialgia, joint pain (knee, hip, shoulder);
  • IFS - or interference currents have a vasodilator effect, resulting in cell membrane permeability. Increasing the frequency of the current reduces the resistance of the skin and the irritating effect of the current, which enables the irritation of the deeper layers of tissue without pain. IFS currents lead to a reduction in pain, inflammation and swelling. They affect the local increase of circulation, stimulate the healing of bone and soft tissue.
Electric treatment
Physical therapy with electricity is a very safe and effective way of treating all painful conditions and is irreplaceable in treatment. It is very pleasant for the patient and solves pain, tension and swelling in a very effective way.

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