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Soft tissue ultrasound examination

Soft tissue ultrasound examination Physical therapy Belgrade
Soft tissue ultrasound examination
Ultrasound examination (ultrasound) of soft tissues is an examination of soft tissues in the joints, muscles, tendons, bone contours, etc. Ultrasound diagnostics shows cartilage damage of small joints, cysts or soft tissue tumors better than X-rays.

Causes and symptoms
Wondering if the Achilles tendon is torn or not? Is there a muscle rupture, etc. Ultrasound examination of soft tissues clearly shows possible damage to soft tissues in the body. Ultrasound diagnostics is most often used when the patient develops problems around the shoulders, tendons of the upper arm, forearm and hand, the structure around the knees and elbows, the ankle, the Achilles tendon, etc.

The inside of the joint cannot be seen because the bone does not leak ultrasound. The negative side of ultrasound examinations is the dependence on the subjective criteria of the examiner, ie on the knowledge of the matter, knowledge of the anatomy and function of the structures being examined. Based on that, the examiner assesses the tissue conditions, determines the diagnosis and directs the treatment.

What services do we offer?
We offer a top quality ultrasound examination in our clinic or in your home, without the stress and need to leave your home or care facility.

What equipment does our clinic have?
Our clinic (diagnostic center) has the most modern mobile ultrasound device with high resolution. Thanks to the latest generation of ultrasound probes, we are able to perform ultrasound examinations of the highest quality on all parts of the body, joints, Doppler examinations and special ultrasound examinations.

Which doctors perform ultrasound examinations in our clinic?
Our doctors are experienced experts in ultrasound examinations and radiology, with more than 30 years of clinical experience.

Can we do an ultrasound examination in your home?
Of course we can because we have a mobile ultrasound device that allows us to do an ultrasound examination in your home. Mobile ultrasound services are becoming increasingly popular as patients seek medical care in a familiar environment.

How long can we get to your address?
The maximum time to arrive at your address on the territory of Belgrade is 2 hours. From the moment we receive the request for the ultrasound examination, it only takes 2 hours for us to submit the ultrasound examination report to you!
United Medical provides the best service in line with advances in the mobile industry, ultrasound diagnostics.

Free Viber consultations with a specialist doctor
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