Ultrasound, Physical therapy Belgrade

Ultrasound therapy

Ultrasound, Physical therapy Belgrade
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It is a THERAPEUTIC ULTRASOUND that acts on the body twice: mechanically - by performing tissue microscopy and thermal - ultrasound energy is converted into heat and heats the surface tissues up to 2 cm deep.

Ultrasound has effect on increasing in circulation, the reduction of the island, helps with painful conditions, reduces muscle spasm. By ultrasound, the drug may be introduced into the body, locally, to the painful place of the so-called. sonophoresis.

The most important effects of the UZ are anti-inflammatory (anti-inflammatory), analgesic (anti-pain), reduction of muscle cramps, increasing of local circulation and leading to a specific type of tissue microscopy, accelerates the healing of the tendon after injury. As a result of the thermal effect, vasodilatation and acceleration of the lymph flow occur.

INDICATIONS: rheumatic diseases, inflammatory rheumatism (Morbus Bechterew), extraarticular rheumatism (burzitis periarthritis myositis, epicondylitis), arthrosis, spondylosis, discopathy , acute soft tissue injuries especially in athletes, conditions after muscle, joint and ligament injury.

  • Operation to organism - It operates on the body two-times, mechanically and thermally.
  • Ultrasound treatment - Ultrasound affects the increase of circulation, reduction of swelling, reduces muscle spasm.
  • The most important effects of ultrasound - The most important effects are anti-inflammatory, analgesic, reduces muscle cramps ...