Magnetic therapy, Physical therapy Belgrade

Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic, Physical therapy Belgrade

Magnetic therapy is an inevitable procedure in physical therapy. This type of therapy demonstrates a number of benefits in the treatment primarily due to the wide spectrum of the disease where it can be applied, patients tolerate it well and have few contraindications. Magnetic therapy together with laser is the basis of every therapeutic protocol in our clinic.

Magnetic therapy works from the level of the cell, through the body to the organism as a whole and the effects are as follows:

  • Antiedematous and antiinflammatory (reduces swellings and inflammation)
  • analgesic (reduces pain)
  • acceleration of tissue regeneration (wound healing, bone fractures, injuries)

The low-frequency magnetic field affects the cell membrane by increasing its permeability. This accelerates cellular metabolism and increases the utilization of oxygen and nutrients in the tissue. In case of disease, this movement of matter is slowed down at the cell level and, by its acceleration, stimulates healing.

As a consequence of the action of the magnetic field, vasodilatation (spreading) of the blood vessels and better blood flow to the tissues we were working on.

Magnetic therapy can be applied locally on a restricted field, thereby avoiding any side effects on other systems in the body. Thus, the number of contraindications is reduced to a minimum, which is one of the greatest benefits of magnetic therapy.

It can also be applied through clothing and even gypsum, which makes it a choice therapy for conditions that require long-term immobilization.

  • Advantages of the therapy - It shows a number of advantages in treating a wide aspect of the disease, patients are well tolerated.
  • Operation of the therapy - The therapy works from the level of cells across the body to the organism as a whole.
  • The spread of blood vessels - As a consequence of the action of the magnetic field, the spread of blood vessels results.