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About The Therapy

Shockwave therapy is used in various areas : orthopedics , physiotherapy , sports medicine ,urology. The main advantages are fast pain relief and the return of mobility. Since it is a non-surgical therapy that doesn’t require pain relief products, it is an ideal therapy for a fast recovery and a treatment of various indications that cause acute and chronic pain.


Hip pain -shockwave therapy with low energy as a treatment for pain trophinter syndrome. Cartilage is being wasted and damaged throughout the years and while being used. Muscles and tendons of the hip become over-forced. The hip bone can be broken, by falling or other damage. All of these conditions could cause pain and damage on the hip area. Shockwave therapy improves the process of healing , prevents inflammation ,reduces pain and sensitivity , can prevent hip surgery.

Jumping knee - Shockwave therapy for osteoarthritis of the knee. Jumping knee is a inflammation or injury of the parallel tendon due to over-forcing which we feel as pain, sensitivity and reduced functionality. It most commonly occurs in the case of large knee extensors with frequent leaps or long runs. Jumping knee is most commonly caused by a knee injury more often than a meniscus injury or frontal crossed ligaments. Shockwave therapy offers a simple and instant solution. The patient feels relieved after the first treatment, and for several treatments the pain and it’s causes are gone.

Painful shoulder - Shockwave therapy in scapulochumeral periarthritis with calculating tendinitis of the shoulder.The shoulder pain in the shoulder is the reason for the arrival of our patients on physical therapy. The risk of shoulder pain can be for various reasons, therefore good diagnosis is very important in order to fit into an effective healing .PAHS -painful shoulder is the most common diagnosis and is inflammation of the extra-umbilical tissue of the shoulder. As the shoulder of the shoulder is the most complex joint in our organism, it is necessary to determine exactly which tendon joints, tendons, stock exchanges are affected by inflammatory processes. Most often, this is a change in tendon m. supraspinatus. Most are a set of associated symptoms All these indications cause blunt or severe pain and limit the daily life of patients. When treating calcified tendinitis with shockwave therapy, calcification completely disappears in more than 85% of cases. Significant reduction in pain and improved shoulder function is visible after 4 weeks. Many cases are resolved by surgical or injection, and this can be replaced by shockwave therapy.

Calcification - Shockwave therapy in scapulochumeral periarthritis with calculating tendinitis of the shoulder. Calculating tendinitis is a chronic pain disorder characterizing calcifications in the tendons of the rotary manette. This condition is caused by pain and limited mobility. Shockwave is one of the most effective ways of treating calcification. Acoustic waves cause the interruption of calcified particles and allow their resorption and elimination from the body. Shockwave therapy significantly reduces the duration of therapy and offers a quick recovery in chronic stages.

Medial tibial stress syndrome shockwave low-energy therapy for the treatment of medial Medial tibial stress by an anchor usually occurs due to the activity that overloads the forelegs of the lower leg. These activities include fast walking and running (especially uphill and downhill, either hard and uneven surfaces) or sports activities (sports involving shots). Patient usually cannot engage in such activities for a long period of time. If treated with shockwave therapy, this rest period is significantly shorter, and the recovery period is at least half as short. Chronic tendinopathy shockwave therapy Achilles tendon tendinitis Acumulable microtrauma due to frequent overload can cause chronic tendinopathy (tendinitis or tendinosis). Tendinopathies of various parts of the body are often diagnosed both for active persons and the general population. Tummy inflammation and damage at the general level are successfully treated with shockwave therapy. Therapies are usually performed 3-5 times at intervals of 5 to 10 days.

Achilles heel inflammation - Shockwave therapy for the treatment of chronic back pain in tenderness of professional athletes Pain on muscle joints usually occurs due to long-term activity or repetition of activities in which a certain tendon is burdened. Shockwave therapy promotes better blood flow through the creation of new blood vessels, and therefore faster healing without the need for pain relievers that cause addiction.

Heel Thorn - Shockwave Therapy is Safe and Effective in Treating Chronic Plantar Fascitis The calcar calcanei is a convex bone that is created by chronic mechanical overload. The patients complain that they have a nail, the pain occurs in the morning or after a long sitting when Getting on your feet. Calcium accumulation under the heel bone (heel thorns) is closely related to scarring or inflammation of plantar fascia (plantar fasciitis). Any of these indications or their combination limit the daily activities of patients. Shockwave therapy at the same time treats both problems. Acoustic waves allow for quick recovery, return to daily rhythm and long-lasting results in 88% of cases.

Tennis Elbow - Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) in the treatment of lateral epicondylitis in people aged 40 to 50 years. The tension of the elbow is a common disorder that occurs due to the damage of the tendon of the muscles that hold the sack and toes and affects up to 10% of the general population. It belongs to a group of diseases due to overstretching. It can occur on the external or internal side of the elbow (the golf elbow). The lower part of the upper bone has bone spots (epicondyles) from the external and the inner side of the elbow, which move the tendons of the muscles of the forearm of the fingers and the wrists that bend as well tendons and muscles with toes and hand wrists. Symptoms have reduced the function of the hand, the sensitivity and pain above the bone base, and the pain is intensified by the use of hands. The conservative way of treating epicondylitis unfortunately is long lasting (rest), includes drugs (pain relievers, steroid injections) and often must be repeated. Shockwave therapy offers almost instant pain relief and healing with efficacy above 70% with up to 5 treatments.

  • The usage of the therapy - It is used in various areas : orthopedics, physiotherapy, sports medicine, urology.
  • Operation of the therapy - The therapy works from the level of the cells over the organs up to the organism..
  • The effect - The effect of the treatment is cumulative so more than one treatment is necessary (3-5).