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Spine Physical Therapy

Spine Physical Therapy | Belgrade, Serbia

Treatment of disc herniation

The safest and most effective method of disc herniation treatment is physical therapy with spinal decompression, which aims to act on the cause of the pain itself. After spinal decompression, there is a micron movement of the vertebra and the disc returns to its place. This releases the pinched nerve and relieves the pain.

By applying methods from physical medicine, disc herniation is effectively repaired. Physical therapy affects the successful relaxation of the muscles around the spinal column, which are often cramped and shortened due to a herniated disc. Muscle relaxation relieves pain and chronic tension.

Every patient who comes to our office can expect that the exact cause of their pain will be determined during the examination. Timely examination and adequate application of appropriate physical therapy are the keys to success in the treatment of disc herniation.

When the pain is removed and the inflammation is healed, we start kinesitherapy with the patient, that is, we prescribe certain exercises. Exercises should be done three to four times a week, but under the professional supervision of a physiotherapist.

Examinations of patients who have problems with disc herniation in our practice are performed by Dr. Radoje Čobeljić, a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation, who has three decades of work experience in the Rehabilitation Clinic.

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