Traction, decompression of the spine, Physical therapy Belgrade

Traction - Decompression Of The Spine

Traction, decompression of the spine, Physical therapy Belgrade
Traction Decompression Of The Spine

Decompression spinal therapy is an extremely successful procedure for eliminating pain caused by changes in the spinal column. The therapy is strictly controlled and computer controlled.

A slight stretching of the spine of a certain segment occurs, which reduces the pressure on the spine and spinal joints, which allows self-healing inside the disc.

Decompression spinal therapy has an advantage in the treatment because it is a targeted therapy and acts on the cause of the problem. This method of treatment results in a multiple effect and effect of therapy: decompression-reduction of pressure, there is improvement of circulation, oxygen supply from adjacent sprays, and regeneration of the disc and restoration of the function.

This leads to natural healing and how the disc begins to regenerate, symptoms are withdrawn, as mechanical pressure on the nerves disappears.

The procedure itself is pleasant to the patient, controlled and computer controlled. During the treatment, the patient does not feel pain. There is a micron movement in the interlining segment aimed at relieving between two sprays.

The number of treatments that is needed is 10-20 for 15-30 minutes.

Indications for the application of spinal decompression: discus hernia, polydiscopathy, disc degeneration, headache, lumbar and cervical chronic pain syndrome, disc degeneration.

Clinical trials showed the effectiveness of this therapy in 76-85% of cases with spinal pain, primarily with a discus.

  • Spiral decompression - Mechanical procedure for stretching spine, skeletal muscles and ligaments.
  • Therapeutic effect - By traction, apophisal joints can be spaced, reduced discusion, soft tissue stretching, paravertebral muscle relaxation, joint mobility.
  • Indications - It can be used to alleviate sciatica and soreness associated with: disk disruption, disc compression, discus hernias, degenerative disorders of the disks, back facade syndrome


Approved by the US FDA

Why choose decompression in our office?

  • Before the first decompression, you will be examined by specialist Dr. Radoje
  • You have the possibility to combine physical agents with the most modern ones
    spinal decompression table DTS TRITON
  • Individual dosing of the weight we apply during stretching
  • Constant supervision of doctors and trained physiotherapists
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  • You get advice on what to do after the treatment and what not to do