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Shoulder Pain Therapy

Shoulder physical therapy | Treatment of shoulder pain

Causes, symptoms and indications

Postoji nekoliko mogućih uzroka za bol u ramenu:

  • Inflammation - infection or injury to part of the shoulder. Redness, swelling and pain may appear in a certain part of the shoulder. You feel that part of the shoulder is "hot". These symptoms occur as a natural reaction of the body to an infection or injury.
  • Trauma (injury) or damage to the muscles and tendons around the shoulder - your posture in the upper body or neck can cause shoulder pain or tension in the muscles between the neck and shoulder. This pain occurs as a result of improper sitting at the computer or standing;
  • Inflammation of the bursa - a fluid-filled cushion that normally helps muscles and tendons slide smoothly over the bones of the shoulder;
  • Damage to the bones and cartilage of the shoulder - arthritis is the most common cause of this type of shoulder pain.

PAIN in the shoulder is very common, which is why people come to physical therapy. Most often, they feel pain in the shoulder area, which can also occur at night. Most often, it is pain in the area of ​​the biceps brachii tendon on the front of the shoulder, or in the top of the shoulder, the supraspinatus tendon.

The cause of the pain itself can be different and that is why diagnostics in order to discover the cause of the pain is very important so that the therapy that is applied will be very successful.

The most common disease of the shoulder is a painful shoulder, which represents a set of symptoms and in which movement is limited or completely impossible. It is very important to start therapy on time and as soon as the first symptoms appear.

The most common cause of periarthritis is related to enesopathy of the supraspinatus muscle, the movement of the arm away from the body over 80 degrees is difficult, pain occurs, a positive sign for a painful shoulder. Also, calcifications on the supraspinatus muscle are the most common cause of shoulder pain. The cause of the calcification is related to the overstrain of that segment, and as a result, there was a micro-injury in the muscle itself. Calcification is like a small ridge that the patient feels pain when moving.